Oct 29 2017 - "Speak Loudly"

Page to be updated soon.  "Speak Loudly Nashville" was a GREAT public meeting,

with over 1500 attending, and commitments made by the Mayor and other officials.  

(News article is HERE!  Video is HERE!)

"Speak Loudly, Nashville!"

Sunday, October 29, at 3:00 PM

The Temple Church (3810 Kings Lane)


What are the things that MATTER to you -- to your community -- to your congregation or group?MLK_Image_-_Our_Lives_Begin_to_End.jpg

  • Housing that your family and friends can afford?

  • Long-time homeowners being pushed out by the cost of living?

  • The outrageous number of African-American students expelled?

Or simply that the Nashville's future seems to be in someone else's control?

What is this meeting about?  It's about the way YOU can help shape our future!  How many people are YOU bringing?   Will you and your group be there?

We "Speak Loudly" to Mayor Barry and other officials when we speak TOGETHER! We need 1500 people at this meeting, to show that we need serious solutions to serious problems.  We will call the roll of NOAH member groups and ask each to stand.  How will you be represented?  (Please be early to get registered and get a good seat!)  

You will hear about NOAH's SUCCESSES and CHALLENGES in our issues, as well as the QUESTIONS we have for our Mayor and other officials.
  We invited you to send in your questions -- and we have picked several of these to ask.

Call people from your congregation or group TODAY! 

A flyer for the meeting is HERE Want more info on NOAH issues?  See www.noahtn.org/issues for this info -- and pictures and video of our previous Public Meetings.

See you on October 29 as we "Speak Loudly!"