NOAH Gets “A Seat At The Table”

As Mayoral Candidates Answer Questions on Key Issues


On Sunday, August 16, 2015, over 1500 people streamed into Temple Baptist Church for a Public Meeting with Mayoral Candidates, held by NOAH. Megan Barry and David Fox are the two candidates heading for the September 10th Runoff Election.  

See the questions asked of the candidates here.  Read the program booklet here.

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Both candidates had made commitments to work with NOAH back in February,
when all eight candidates made similar commitments.  





Aug_16_Planning_Team-Volunteers_-_CLOSE_UP.jpgNOAH’s Planning Committee and its three Issue Task Forces had worked hard to plan and carry out this meeting.  At NOAH’s monthly meeting, five days before the big meeting, 100 representatives of NOAH organizations heard about the plans and pledged how many people each could bring to the Sunday meeting.  

NOAH Task Forces came up with nine questions to be asked, based on NOAH’s issues of Criminal Justice, Affordable Housing, and Economic Equity & Jobs. The last question was: “Why should NOAH voters vote for you instead of your opponent?” The candidates’ responses helped us see what kind of Mayor each would be. Read NOAH’s one-page position papers on Gentrification and Affordable Housing, Criminal Justice, and Economic Equity and Jobs.

Since February 22, NOAH has held Council Candidate Meetings in 15 Council Districts, getting the commitments of the candidates to work with us on our issues — and highlighting specific issues from those districts.



News Coverage of NOAH’s August 16 Meeting: “A Seat At The Table”

See NOAH’s August 16 Meeting on YouTube