What does THRIVING look like in Nashville? NOAH Annual Public Meeting Sunday, October 17 - 3:00 PM

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NOAH welcomes you to join our 2021 Annual Public Meeting as we discuss THRIVING, not just SURVIVING in Nashville!  What would "thriving" look like in affordable housing, education, criminal justice and economic equity?

Mayor Cooper and other key decision-makers will be attending to address:

  • increasing transparency so that there's more public accountability
  • implementing policies and practices to eliminate racial disparities
  • the reallocation of funds to move toward equity.

Our meeting will also include video testimonials from Nashvillians who have been impacted by affordable housing, racial inequities in education, job insecurity, cash bail reform, and other social justice issues.

Tell your congregation or group about this important day of civic engagement, where we'll celebrate NOAH's successes, inform our community about the work we're doing and get new commitments from decision-makers. We look forward to seeing you there!



Nashville Organized for Action and Hope (NOAH)NOAH_-_Crowd_and_Rev_Thompson_from_behind_-_Public_Meeting_-_Oct_29_2017.jpg

is an anti-racist faith-based coalition that is multiracial, multigenerational, and interfaith comprised of congregations, community organizations, and labor unions that work to amplify the power of ordinary people.

NOAH’S VISION:  Nashville is a city that is anti-racist and just and equitable for all people.

NOAH’s MISSION: To combat systemic injustices through community engagement, training, and direct public action. 


NOAH does not endorse political candidates, but gets them to endorse our issues agenda and pledge to work with NOAH if they are elected.

NOAH’s four key focus issues, determined by its members, are: affordable housing, criminal justiceeconomic equity, and education.




NOAH attests that systemic racism exists in every aspect of our society, perpetuating injustices socially, economically, and politically. It is NOAH’s intent to help expose and dismantle racism in any issues it chooses to address, especially the focus areas determined by its members: affordable housing, criminal justice, economic equity and jobs, and education.



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Email [email protected] or call 615-905-6624.

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