Players in Affordable Housing — Metro

Mayor (elected)


Metropolitan Housing Trust Fund Commission (Barnes Housing Trust Fund)

(appointed by Mayor, confirmed by Council — seven members)

  • Develops plans for the Fund (type of housing to be developed, etc.)

  • Presently funds non-profits only

  • Developing specifics for money allocated by Mayor and Council — $10 million/yr

  • Staffed by people in Mayor’s Office


Metropolitan Council

(elected — 40 members)

  • Adopts operating budget by June 30 each year (or Mayor’s proposed budget becomes law)

  • Adopts Capital Improvements Budget (wish list for buildings, sidewalks, other)

  • Changes local laws and policy; zoning changes

  • Meets twice a month, first one is zoning public hearing (1st and 3rd Tuesdays)

  • Televises meetings on Comcast 3 and AT&T 99, or livestreamed on Metro Nashville Network

  • Sheri Weiner, Vice-Mayor (Chair of Council) — appoints committees

  • Ad-Hoc Affordable Housing Metropolitan Council Committee, Fabian Bedne, Chair

  • Metropolitan Planning Commission, Burkley Allen, Chair; also serves on Metro Planning Commission


Metropolitan Planning Commission

(appointed by Mayor, confirmed by Council — ten members: developers, architects, “regular” people)

  • Recommends approval, disapproval of zoning changes by Council

  • Holds public hearings on zoning changes

  • Adopts Community Plans to guide zoning and development

  • Televises meetings on Comcast 3 and AT&T 99, or livestreamed on Metro Nashville Network

  • Recommends policy changes

  • Hires Executive Director of Planning Department


Metro Planning Department


  • Works with developers on their proposals

  • Maintains zoning maps, other data

  • Recommends actions to Commission, based on planning principles and existing Community Plans

  • Executive Director, Doug Sloan

  • Key Planner on Housing, Carrie Logan


Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA)

(MDHA Board of Directors is appointed by the Mayor, approved by Council — seven members: from business, real estate, government, and law, as well as one affordable housing expert, two public housing residents)

  • Public Housing. Downtown Development, Neighborhood Development, Housing

  • Conduit for federal housing funds, answers to US Department of HUD

  • Planning the redevelopment of public housing

  • Has been very separate (“quasi-governmental”)

  • Mayor now exerting some control — “Memorandum of Understanding” with MDHA Board

  • Executive Director, Jim Harbison


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