August 14, 2018 Board Meeting Updates

NOAH demands that Mayor Briley take the following steps as soon as possible:

1) Expedite the deployment of body and dash cameras on all MNPD officers and patrol cars.

2) Officially endorse the Community Oversight Board charter petition filed by the Community Oversight Now coalition on August 1, 2018.

3) Formally include interested community organizations in a review of MNPD training, policy, and strategy

4) Order MNPD to suspend Officer Andrew Delke without pay pending the outcome of the Daniel Hambrick investigation.

5) Immediately terminate Chief Steve Anderson from the Metro Nashville Police Department, and formally include interested community organizations in the selection of a replacement chief.

In addition, we demand that District Attorney Glenn Funk commit to presenting this matter to the Davidson County Grand Jury so that the grand jury can determine whether to indict Officer Delke for the murder of Daniel Hambrick.