2020 Census Organizing



Every 10 years, The US Census Bureau works to count every single person living in the US

- Young or old

- Immigrants



The Census is required by the US Constitution and it serves several important purposes:

1. Allocation of hundreds of billions of federal dollars

- 40% of Tennessee’s budget is federal funding

- Education (Pell grants, school lunch, special education)

- Health (Medicaid, CHIP, Medicare supplemental insurance)

- Families (TANF, WIC, Foster care)

- Community and Economic Development (highway planning, federal transit, Vocational Rehab)

- Housing (Section 8, Public Housing capital funding)

- FEMA (Disaster Recovery)

- Tennessee risks losing $2,600 per person/per year for every person not counted in the census

2. US House District Maps are drawn using census data

3. Helps determine representation in US Congress


NOAH will focus our outreach and education in North, East and South Nashville because there have been large Census undercounts (around 30% of people) in those areas.

Why are our communities undercounted:

- People don’t know about the census

- People don’t understand the importance of Census Data

- Language Barriers

- Distrust in Government

- Housing instability – frequent moves


How do I know the Census will protect my information:

- By law, census workers cannot share personal information on the Census

- Information only used to produce statistics.

- Information cannot be used by ICE, FBI, DHS, CIA or any law enforcement agencies

- No Social Security Question, Credit Card or password questions.


NOAH’s Goals

- “Complete Count” for NOAH organizations = 5,000 individuals


How You Can Help:

    • Visit this page for more information on how to become a phone-banker
    • Are you a leader - pastor, Executive Director, Union Leader? Please do a recording of yourself stating how many people in your church, organization or union you will talk with about the census.
    • If you are not a leader, that is alright - please record a video of yourself letting everyone know you will be taking the census.
    • In both cases, please tell us why it is important to be counted and use the tagline: "Our Communities Count!"
    • Here is an example.  
    • Upload and email your one-minute video to our organizers, Jerome Moore ([email protected]), or Brian Zralek ([email protected]).



For more information, or for talking points, please contact Community Organizers, Brian Zralek at [email protected] or 615-636-7197, or Jerome Moore at [email protected] or 615-397-6468.

- Please note - Due to the coronavirus, NOAH is no longer holding a kick-off event at TSU Avon-Williams Campus on March 28. 

Thank you.


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