Census Phone-Banker

NOAH Census Phone-Banking How-To’s


1.  Create your Action ID account: https://www.openvpb.com/vpb_bycode/C35EE3L-178085

  • Click on “Create Action ID” at the bottom
  • Create your ID


2.  You should receive an email asking for verification

3.  When you log back in, it might ask you for a “Virtual Phone-Bank Code”, which is C35EE3L-178085.

4.  Error message: At some point, after you log in, you might see a screen that says “Profile” and lists your email address, your name and your phone number as well as asks you to change your password and mentions “Two-factor verification.” There is a button that says “Edit Profile.”

  • When and if you see this page, just hit “Log Out” at the top and go back to the link at the top of this page.
  • This should start you over so you can log in again. At that point you should have access to your account.


5.  Once you have access to the database, you will interface with a webpage that has a person’s name, age and gender, along with their phone-number, at the top. You will also see the script beneath. Just call the person and follow the script, using the buttons to indicate if the person is not home, and whether they have taken, or commit to taking, the census.

  • You will see in the script that we want to ask if the person is interested in learning more about NOAH. If they say yes and are willing to share their email address and phone number, please record that information in the “Notes” section at the bottom.
  • Once you have completed the call and indicated the person’s response, look for the button that says “Save and Next” at the bottom – it will be highlighted blue. Just click that button, and you will advance to the next person.
  • Note: you will probably encounter many wrong-numbers, disconnected numbers, voice-mails and people who do not want to talk with you. Please indicate this under the "I couldn't reach..." button to help update the database. Please do not be discouraged - keep making calls! You will get to talk to some people and ask them about the census. 


6.  If you do not want to call from your own phone, you can set up a google voice number: https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/how-to-set-up-google-voice/

7.  If you have problems or questions, please feel free to contact Brian Zralek: 615-636-7197 or [email protected], or Jerome Moore: 615-397-6468, [email protected].