CJTF Glossary

GLOSSARY – NOAH’s Criminal Justice Task Force (CJTF) 

             (acronyms, abbreviations, etc.)

  1. 8 Can’t Wait (Campaign Zero’s suggested 8 policies that would improve policing w/ respect to treating people as human beings, not criminals; Together these policies can reduce police violence by 72%)
  1. Ban Chokeholds & Strangleholds
  2. Require De-Escalation
  3. Require Warning before Shooting
  4. Exhaust All Alternatives before Shooting
  5. Duty to Intervene
  6. Ban Shooting @ Moving Vehicles
  7. Establish Use of Force Continuum
  8. Require All Force be Reported
  1. BWC’s/DC’s (body worn cameras/dashcams)
  2. CALEB (Chattanoogans in Action for Love, Equality & Benevolence) – NOAH’s counterpart in Chattanooga
  3. CTC (Crisis Treatment Center – 24/7 mental health crisis facility run by Mental Health Cooperative)
  4. D.A. (District Attorney) – Glenn Funk, Current Director 
  5. DOJ (Dept. of Justice - National agency in Washington, DC)
  6. DCSO – Davidson Co. Sheriff’s Office (Daron Hall, Sheriff – runs County & Metro Jail/ MDF = Metro Detention Facility); also runs Behavioral Care Center (for mental health & addiction Treatment – bldg. behind Jail)
  7. EXPO (Ex-Prisoners Organizing)
  8. FOP (Fraternal Order of Police - union for police officers in Nashville)
  9. GAMALIEL (national organization based in Chicago (www.gamaliel.org312-357-2639) - a grassroots network located in 44 cities & 17 states; members bring their faith into the public arena to ensure passage of public policies and systemic changes along a continuum of prevention to restoration of rights; Focus on Mass Incarceration, challenges systemic racism and classism in systems of education, employment, policing, courts, and corrections institutions; a 501-C3 non-profit; a separate entity, a 501-C4, Alliance for Justice, allows for grading & endorsing of candidates,  so that if local members wish, they can consult w/ 501-C4 Alliance for Justice to utilize its tax-status in campaigns that target specific candidates or issues by way of endorsement. NOAH belongs to Gamaliel.  Transformative Justice meetings are held monthly. Open to all.   
  1. IMF (Interdenominational Ministers Fellowship)
  2. MDHA  (Metro Development  & Housing Agency)
  3. MHC (Mental Health Cooperative) – where the 24/7 Crisis Treatment Center is located 
  4.  MICAH (Memphis Interfaith Coalition for Action & Hope) - NOAH’s counterpart in  Memphis
  5.  MNCO (Metro Nashville Community Oversight - the agency w/ 11 paid staff)
    1. COB (volunteers who serve on The Board of Directors for MNCO)
  6.  MNPD (Metro Nashville Police Dept.)
  7.  MNPS (Metro Nashville Public Schools - Adrienne Battle, Director)
  8.  MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) – an agreement between two agencies/organizations as to how they will work together
  9.  MTMHI (Middle TN Mental Health Institute – public psychiatric hospital)
  10.  NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)
  11.  NACOLE (National Association for Community Oversight of Law Enforcement)
  12.  NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)
  13.  NCRC (Nashville Conflict Resolution Center – Mediates complaints via referrals from Community Oversight)
  14.  N.Y.U. Policing Project (New York University School of Law research & advisory agency that assists communities w/ improving better policing practices/ community engagement, neighborhood policing)
  15.  OPA (Office of Professional Accountability - internal affairs for MNPD, who reviews allegations of police misconduct, complaints)
  16.  P.D. (Public Defender – Martesha Johnson, Current Director)
  17.  PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  18.  RMSI (Riverbend Maximum Security Institution)
  19.  SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) – Restorative Justice in School Settings
  20.  SRO’s (School Resource Officers - armed police officers inside public schools)
  21.  TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation)
  22.  TDOC  (Tennessee Dept. of Corrections)
  23.  TIRRC (Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition  (located @ Casa Azafran)
  24.  UoF = Use of Force