February 22, 2015

“A Tale of Two Nashvilles”

We had a GREAT Public Meeting with Mayoral Candidates on February 22nd!

On February 22, 2015, an overflow crowd packed into Fifteenth Ave Baptist Church to hear all eight candidates for Mayor commit to work with NOAH on our key issues! People were standing all around the edges of the sanctuary, in the narthex, and in the hallways. Over 200 people were in the gym, unable to see but listening to the audio of the meeting. The crowd was racially diverse, with various faith groups, unions, and other community groups.  

Between 1500 and 2000 people heard powerful presentations from NOAH Task Forces and the candidates’ commitments, before being charged to make all Nashville residents benefit from the city’s growth. Our city is now “A Tale of Two Nashvilles” — with an increase in economic growth AND an increase in poverty. NOAH is committed to changing this.

Many observers believe this was the biggest public meeting with Mayoral Candidates that has ever been held in Nashville! See three Tennessean stories:


Next steps following this important event included:

  • Public meetings in different parts of the city with Metro Council candidates, asking for their commitments to work with NOAH on our issues.

  • Voter registration and “get out the vote” effort.  (NOAH does not endorse candidates. We want candidates to endorse our platform and promise to work with us.)

  • Continuing work by the three NOAH Task Forces.


More Information:


Provided below is a video of the February 22 meeting. Many thanks to Russ Anthony with SEIU for videoing and editing this for us!