Help move Nashville toward a "Moral Budget"!

Metro Nashville is about to adopt its budget for 2021-2022.  Mayor Cooper sent his proposed budget to the Metro Council, and they are considering it.  Some budget must be adopted by June 30, whether the Mayor's budget or a substitute.

What is most important in Nashville's budgetAre there people or groups that get left out?  What services are in thebudgetto really HELP people?  

NOAH believes that budget is a MORAL document, and the budget for the city of Nashville is no different.

We can make the Metro Budget into a budget that moves us forward – that takes a stand for our city and our community – that funds certain things as a “down payment” on our values.  That, in itself, would be a “Moral Budget.”


1.   Emailing the entire Metro Council

2.   Calling your own Council Member (or the "At Large" Members, who represent all of us)  


You can email the entire Council at once by using [email protected]  A sample email is below.  Some Council Members may not read the actual email, but will see the subject line.

===================  SAMPLE EMAIL =======================

SUBJECT:  Support NOAH's Moral Budget in Housing, Education, Criminal Justice, & Economic Equity

Dear Council Members,

We know the Metro Budget has to deal with dollars and cents and the "bottom line."  But NOAH believes that budgets are also MORAL documents, that show what we believe in, what we care about, and what kind of city we want to be.

Please support the NOAH Moral Budget priorities:

1.   Affordable Housing - (a) $30 million for the Barnes Affordable Housing Fund;  (b) A separate Dept of Affordable Housing to guide a long-term plan for solutions. (Both recommended by the Mayor's Task Force on Affordable Housing.)

2.   Criminal Justice - Funding for the HEALS Program, to create a mental health team to answer mental health calls without the police.  First year is about $800,000.  See HEALS proposal at

3.   Education -  Fully fund MNPS budget, including $5.8 million for Advocacy Centers and Specialists in all elementary schools and $2 million for Restorative Practice Assistants in all middle and high schools. We must make funding for Social Emotional Learning sustainable to break the school-to-prison pipeline. 

4.   Economic Equity - Support a fully funded budget that supports the dignity of Metro employees across the city.

Help us move toward a Moral Budget for Nashville that expresses our values as a community!







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