Where do the 7 mayoral candidates stand on the 3 issue areas of NOAH's platform?

(Affordable Housing & Gentrification, Criminal Justice & Mass Incarceration, and Economic Equity & Jobs)


Each Mayoral Campaign replied to a 3-question NOAH candidate survey in early July, 2015; each question focuses on 1 of NOAH's 3 issue areas.

Background: In February, at NOAH’s Public Meeting with Mayoral Candidates, each agreed that if s/he was elected, s/he would:

1) Work directly with NOAH on the goals in our platform through quarterly meetings that begin within 60 days after your election.
2) Support legislation or use the power of their office to address the three issue areas in the NOAH platform, within their first two years as Mayor.

We gave all candidates a chance to spell out some specific actions they might take, if elected Mayor, to bring about concrete change in each of these 3 issue areas of NOAH's platform. NOAH had recommendations for each issue area. These recommendations are summarized on the survey itself and in more detail online here

Link to Candidate Reponses to NOAH Survey is here.