NOAH Public Meeting

"An Invitation to Rebuild Public Trust"

SUNDAY, October 28 at 3:00 PM

Watson Grove Baptist Church

(1415 Horton Ave, 37212)

Mayor David Briley, Schools Director Shawn Joseph, and many Metro Council Members will be there.  So will about 1000 flyer imageNOAH members for this "Invitation to Rebuild Public Trust"!

Invite your congregation members, friends, and neighbors to come to this important Public Meeting.  A PDF flyer is HERE

We need a GOOD TURNOUT for us to meet with these public officials!  Some congregations have asked people to sign up on a list to say that they will attend.  Would this help you?   Such a sign-in list is HERE.

Nashville has faced some trying times recently:

  • In spite of Nashville's growth and booming economy, Metro government cannot adequately fund schools and promised cost of living raises for firefighters, police, teachers, and others who really make our city run. 
  • In fact, police and fire and other departments have had to make additional cuts
  • Housing costs continue to climb, and wages are flat. 
  • More cranes are in the sky over downtown, but fewer long-term residents can afford to live here. 
  • A police officer has been charged with homicide after shooting a young man in the back.

All of this has eroded public trust -- trust in government, the police -- even in ourselves!

We REBUILD public trust through commitments and accountability – and by being at the table when big decisions are made.  We need to hear commitments from our public officials -- and make some commitments ourselves!

If you have questions, contact NOAH at 615-905-6624 or [email protected].

Thanks for being part of NOAH!