October 29, 2017

“Speak Loudly, Nashville”


On October 29, 2017, over 1800 people met with Mayor Megan Barry and elected officials to ask about progress on NOAH’s key issues and ask for commitments.  


As we prepared for the “Speak Loudly, Nashville” event, we asked our members: What are the issues that matter most to you? What questions do you want to ask of the Mayor and elected officials?

  • Housing that your family and friends can afford?

  • Long-time homeowners being pushed out by the cost of living?

  • The outrageous number of African-American students expelled from school?

Or simply that Nashville’s future seems to be in someone else’s control?

This meeting was about the way YOU can help shape our future! We “Speak Loudly” to elected officials when we speak TOGETHER!  We needed 1500 people at this meeting to show that we need serious solutions to serious problems. We called the roll of NOAH member groups and asked each to stand. 

During the meeting, NOAH’s SUCCESSES and CHALLENGES in our issues were reported, as well as the QUESTIONS we had for our Mayor and other officials.  We invited questions from the public — and we selected several of these to ask.


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