October 30, 2016

“The People’s Platform: Our City, Our Time”

NOAH’s Public Meeting With Mayor Barry Oct_30_Picture_-_Crowd_from_Back_of_Sanctuary.jpg

On October 30, 2016, over 1700 people met with Mayor Megan Barry to hear about progress on NOAH’s key issues.  

Previous to this meeting, NOAH had facilitated meetings with Mayoral Candidates seeking their commitments to our issues.

  1. In 2015, NOAH had a series of major meetings with the Mayoral and Council candidates in the run-up to their elections.  On February 22, almost 2000 people met with the eight candidates for Mayor and secured commitments from all of them to work with NOAH on our issues.  

  2. Then, on August 16, 2015, 1500 people met with candidates Megan Barry and David Fox to hear more specifics on what they would do on these issues. By raising such issues as affordable housing, jobs and economic development, and incarceration, NOAH shaped the campaign debate.

This meeting in October 2016 was to follow-up with Mayor Barry regarding the commitments she had made as candidate. During the meeting, she answered specific questions from NOAH Task Forces and outlined the progress made by her administration. She also made commitments to NOAH about next steps on these issues.


Here are some of the Tennessean articles about this meeting:


Here are some of the slides from the meeting, showing analysis of Metro Police traffic stops.


Provided below is a video of the February 22 meeting.

Here is an outline of the video timestamps:

0:00       Music before the program
10:00       Beginning of meeting
19:30       The NOAH Story – Rev. Antoni Sinkfield
25:40       Vice-Mayor Briley on Gun Violence
34:55       Call to Action – Dr. Judy Cummings
38:35       Affordable Housing Presentation
53:45       Mayor Barry on Affordable Housing
58:05       Criminal Justice Presentation
1:08:53       Mayor Barry on Mental Health Diversion
1:14:10       Mayor Barry on Racial Profiling
1:17:45       Economic Equity Task Force Presentation
1:27:20       Mayor Barry on Economic Equity
1:32:00       Closing – Benny Overton and Tanya Debro
1:41:30       End


Listed below are some of NOAH’s achievements, as our Task Forces have engaged with the Mayor and Metro Council:

  • Won ordinances for inclusionary housing;

  • Developed a process with the School Board to make suspension and expulsion rates more racially fair; held Candidate Meetings for School Board Candidates, gaining their commitments on school discipline issues;

  • Participated with the Administration in shaping a plan to divert mentally ill people from the criminal justice system to treatment;

  • Fought for a local-hire policy;

  • Encouraged the Mayor and her staff to implement a jobs training program that reaches those who have so far been left out of Nashville’s development.

  • Held a Public Meeting with 130 people and the Mayor’s Office on jobs, unemployment, and poverty


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