The School Board has included the "care centers" in the budget!

What YOU Can Do NOW!


The School Discipline Reform Subcommittee of NOAH's Criminal Justice Task Force is pushing for additional resources to support elementary school teachers and studentsNOAH has successfully moved the school system to adopt a policy of no suspensions or expulsions for elementary school students except for violent offenses, but teachers need the resources to really implement this policy. 


Help us by contacting the mayor’s office and the Metro Council Budget and Finance Committee about fully-funding the MNPS budget.  Here are some important talking points:

  • MNPS has been under-funded for years!  It’s time Nashville made school funding a priority.
  • Funding for 12 "Care Centers" in each of the highest-need elementary schools will help defuse disruptive student behaviors by removing disruptive children from the classroom temporarily and dealing with their social and emotional needs rather than suspending or expelling them!
  • The proposed budget also provides additional funding to train teachers and other employees in social and emotional learning and implicit bias.
  • Racial disparities in school discipline continue to plague MNPS. Social emotional learning training, implicit bias training, and Care Centers can help to stem the flow of our black and brown children on to the school-to-prison pipeline and save ALL of our children!



  1. Leave a message for Mayor David Briley at 615-862-6000 AND at “Please fully fund the budget for our school system!  Twelve elementary schools are especially high in racial disparity in suspensions.  At NOAH’s urging, the school budget will include a “Care Center” in each one, where teachers can send disruptive students for problem-solving.  Keeping kids in school helps to break the school-to-prison pipeline!  [ADD ANY OTHER POINTS]
  2. Contact all Metro Council Members, including the Budget and Finance Committee, at (Same message could be used – or create your own!)



A full School Board Member list with names, emails, and phone numbers is HERE. In case you want to talk with them or others, a "Talking Points" document is HERE

Thank you for being part of NOAH!