School Issues Survey

The NOAH Education Task Force has begun organizing public meetings around the 2020 MNPS School Board Elections. This year, there will be elections in districts 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. NOAH will be present at our member organizations in June and July, hosting public meetings in each of the five districts. Through these events, we will give the public a chance to learn about our school board candidates and we will give candidates an opportunity to meet NOAH!

We are asking you to help by completing this brief survey. It should take no more than five minutes. You can tell us what issues matter most to you in the 2020 School Board race. Are you a parent, a student, a neighbor? We need your input in order to shape our public meetings. When you are done with the survey, you will have a chance to sign up to help with the Public Meetings. 

The NOAH Education Task Force will share much more information, including dates and times, we get closer to June. 

Thank you

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