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Action Alert: Support our Schools!

NOAH has worked for over two years to decrease school suspensions and racial disparities in education.  In response to our work, the school board has adopted a policy of no elementary school suspensions, expulsions, and arrests, except for violent offenses.  

But teachers must have the resources necessary to make this policy work.  There was a proposal for "Care Centers" to be created in 12 high-need Nashville elementary schools, which would allow teachers to remove disruptive students from class, but keep them in their own school for solving problems that cause the behavior.   However, these "Care Centers" are NOT in the school budget right now.  Some School Board Members will be proposing to ADD these to the school budget -- and we need to let the entire school board know how important this is!  After that, we will be contacting Metro Council about giving the schools the funding they need.

We need YOUR help now!

  1. Will you email all of the school board members by MONDAY NIGHT (3/18)?  (Sample letter is below.)
  2. Will you come to the School Board Public Hearing on their budget on TUESDAY, MARCH 19, at 5:00 PM?  (Administration building, 2601 Bransford Ave -- Enter back parking lot from Berry Rd).   We need to show great public support for adding these resources for teachers and students!  [Please arrive by 4:30 PM, if at all possible.  The room will be crowded!]

A sample email is below.  You can copy and paste all of the school board members' addresses at once into the "To" or "Bcc" lines of your email system.  Their email addresses are GentryforDistrict1@outlook.com, elrodforschools@gmail.com, jill.speering@mnps.org, anna.shepherd@mnps.org, CBuggs@mnps.org, franbush5@gmail.com, will@pinkstonforschools.com, virginia.pupo-walker@mnps.org, amy.frogge@mnps.org. 

Please put YOUR NAME and ADDRESS in the email, since some school board members will want to know if you are in their districts.


SUBJECT:  Please Fund CARE CENTERS to reduce suspensions and help teachers!

Dear School Board Members,

NOAH worked for over two years to decrease school suspensions and the racial disparity in these.  Thank you for the work of the school board in adopting a policy of no elementary school suspensions, expulsions, and arrests, except for violent offenses.  

BUT teachers MUST have the resources necessary to make this policy work.  We are supporting a proposal for "Care Centers" to be created in each of 12 highest need elementary schools.  These would be places for disruptive students to go and have a listening ear of someone who can help solve problems that cause this behavior.  Students would STAY in school, rather than being suspended and pushed into the "school-to-prison pipeline."  

PLEASE INCLUDE FUNDING FOR THESE 12 CARE CENTERS IN YOUR BUDGET THIS YEAR!   We have talked with teachers who desperately need the resources to make the new policy work.  This is an important step to reduce suspensions and expulsions, increase student attendance and performance, and improve working conditions for teachers.

Thank you for all you do for our children and our city!


A full School Board Member list with names, emails, and phone numbers is HERE. In case you want to talk with them or others, a "Talking Points" document is HERE

Social Media and PR Committee 

NOAH is looking for volunteers to join our Social Media and PR Committee!

Learn how to effectively engage Nashville communities around important issues like affordable housing, criminal justice, and economic equity. Committee responsibilities are shared among members, and include:

  • Managing NOAH's social media platforms
  • Maintaining and updating NOAH's website
  • Planning events
  • Designing flyers, infographics, and other communication tools
  • Regularly coordinating/meeting with other members of the Committee

Volunteers of all experience levels and backgrounds are welcome to join! We are happy to provide training for any of the above responsibilities. Time commitment is extremely flexible.

If you are interested in joining, please fill out the google survey here.

Questions? Email us at info@noahtn.org.


The ideal candidate will possess an eye for telling unique stories using photographs, videos and social media. This is a wonderful opportunity for upcoming artists who have a passion for social justice.  We are looking for creative individuals who can capture the essence of a social justice organization and Nashville’s diverse communities.

Services will include but are not limited to:

  • Working alongside the social media committee to create stunning content for social media and NOAH’s website.

  • Attending and photographing monthly board and task force meetings (at least 20-30 pictures per meeting)

  • Attending and photographing large events and meetings (50-100 pics)

  • Attending and recording/live streaming large events and meetings

  • Special projects (e.g. working with a task force or committee to document a social justice campaign, refreshing the website with new photos, etc.)

Please contact us at info@noahtn.org with questions or if interested.