How do we get people to vote?


We LISTEN to voters instead of just begging them to vote!

Voter Engagement is listening to voters by going door-to-door canvassing -- or by calling registered voters to hear their concerns.  Voter Engagement is  discovering interesting people with important issues! It is learning how a congregation, union, or group can be a "Voter-Hub," holding town hall meetings with voters and even offering rides to the polls. 


It is all about relationships! 


NOAH will be holding workshops to learn how to:

  • Canvass neighborhoods

  • Talk to voters on the phone about their concerns

  • Have a conversation “at the door” about important issues that affect people’s everyday lives

  • Educate and motivate people to vote

  • Practice neighborhood canvassing.



"Tennessee is 45th in voter registration –

and 49th in voter turnout!"

"As The Tennessean says, "We stink at voting".

But worse than that, our VALUES are not represented in political life. 


  • Acts of violence are being perpetrated on our communities.
  • People are being left behind – and pushed out of the county.
  • Metro government is broke – and services that we need are being slashed!

We can change this by organizing people to VOTE on their own values and priorities! 

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