MISSION:  To create a government that truly acts on behalf of its citizens by organizing to

  • Register people to vote and assist them in making sure their voter information is correct;
  • Increase Davidson Count voter turnout;
  • School the public on how important their voices and votes are, as our local elected officials make decisions that directly affect how Nashvillians live;
  • Educate & engage marginalized communities on issues that affect their everyday living and how to hold public officials accountable.

Co-Chairs:  Arleen Tuchman [email protected] and  Rutherford Overton; for information contact Brian Zralek ([email protected])

How do we get people to vote?

We LISTEN to voters instead of just begging them to vote!

Voter Engagement is listening to voters by going door-to-door canvassing -- or by calling registered voters to hear their concerns.  Voter Engagement is  discovering interesting people with important issues! It is learning how a congregation, union, or group can be a "Voter-Hub," holding town hall meetings with voters and even offering rides to the polls. 

It is all about relationships! 

What makes IVE distinct from other Get Out the Vote efforts is the integration of people and the issues that matter to them into democratic processes, including elections. NOAH’s IVE Committee mobilizes people around issues that matter to them. There are many ways individuals can get involved in IVE, whether through building infrastructure in their own member organization, representing NOAH’s issue task forces on the committee, or helping to strategize and deploy IVE campaigns.

NOAH will be holding workshops to learn how to:

Canvass neighborhoods

Talk to voters on the phone about their concerns

Have a conversation “at the door” about important issues that affect people’s everyday lives

Educate and motivate people to vote

Practice neighborhood canvassing.

"Tennessee is 45th in voter registration –

and 49th in voter turnout!"

But worse than that, our VALUES are not represented in political life. 

We can change this by organizing people to VOTE on their own values and priorities! 

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Please tell your friends and members of your congregation or group!